Camel milk powder

    As well known, camel milk is saltier than milk and contains abundant calcium but low saturated fatty acid, which makes it having high medicinal value. In addition, camel milk can provide a lot of calcium and vitamin B that human body needs. And the large number of unsaturated fatty acid from camel milk contributes to preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Camel milk includes much less fat than milk. It is treated as a senior tonic to prevent many diseases and is also used for improving impotence. Camel milk can help diabetics control the dependence of insulin and is beneficial to neonate as it contains no allergen. Meanwhile it is also good for the peptic ulcer, the hypertension and heart diseases. The bioactive compound and UFA (unsaturated fatty acid) in camel milk are highly sensitive to high temperature sterilization. In order to solve this problem, our company has been developing the camel milk powder with low temperature drying technology superior to other traditional drying technology, which requires control of temperature in producing. That can maintain the maximum bioactive compound and UFA. A patent has been applied to cover this product.